The Beautiful Femmes of L'Opera Garnier

Today I visited L'Opera Garnier of Paris, one of the
most beautiful buildings in this city of many beautiful
buildings.  L'Opera features both performances in opera 
and ballet at this facility.

Everyone is familiar with the Opera's famous painted
ceiling by Chagall and I will show that to you at a 
later date. Everyone was madly taking photos of the 
ceiling and the building but I was caught up with
 the beautiful paintings, statues, and merchandise 
of the women of the ballet.  
 I didn't recognize any of the names of the painters of these
beautiful works but I raise a glass to their lovely ladies.

 These beautiful glass lamps of ballerinas were for
sale in the theatre shop.  I kept circling these lovely
lamps until I saw the price started at over $500 euros
for the smallest dancing lady.
 Here is a troupe of the beautiful ballerina lamps
sitting on the steps leading up the to the
main hall of the opera.  Wouldn't these
be wonderful in my home? 
I think so.
There was tulle everywhere.
Costumes from previous shows danced
in the display cases.
This is the outside of L'Opera and
 should be on the itinerary of anyone
who visits Paris.  

Stop by ... the ladies are waiting
to dance for you.

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