A Saturday Brocante in Paris

 A lovely sunny but chilly day in Paris.  And
what a way to start the weekend but at a brocante
on Rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement.  I have
been to this annual affair every time I am in Paris
in May but this year's brocante was so
much larger than in years past.
 Vintage shoes and clothing with
wonderful fashion posters.
 One of my favorites ...
the beautiful watercolors of French women.
 Popular among the expats ...
silver and silver plate ladles and
flatware at pretty good prices.
 Or a lovely art deco coffee table 
for your Paris flat ...
 And what looked like to me ...
a pregnant Snow White...
not so snowy white??
 Pink perfume bottles
and vases for your boudoir table.
 And to keep up your strength,
a little pause at a lovely small
patisserie.  Most people have a café
and croissant at 11:00 am but
not Tony.  Oh no....
 It's never too early to have
a pastry or two like this
pistachio cream cake.
It was decadent and so delicious but
boy did we get some looks
from the Parisians as they walked by.
Crazy North Americans eating cake in the morning.
And this is what I will look like
at the end of my trip to Paris ...
fat and sassy
but incredibly happy.

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