Eating Our Way Around Paris

 The weather has been totally lousy in Paris for the past
week and a half and getting worse or so it seems.
Every day, rain and the temperatures keep falling too.

At first, we just braved the elements and hit the streets.
After all, we were in the Magic Kingdom of Delight.
But it is starting to wear us down just a bit but 
we have found a temporary solution to the problem.

Eat ... Eat ... Eat.
Paris has thousands of great restaurants and they
are warm and inviting and offer some pretty
incredible fare.

La Rotonde in Montparnasse is an absolutely
beautiful restaurant with lots of regular French
customers.  A friend took me there when I turned
50 and I remember sampling oysters from 
all over France. The restaurant has quite a
history as well from the days of the artists
hanging out in Montparnasse.  
 The plat du jour was a lamb shank in the most delicious
gravy with olives and sun dried tomatoes and all of this
was on top of creamy mashed potatoes.  The lunch
came with a glass of wine and a caramel dessert
and an espresso.
So yummy and we didn't care that it was raining outside.
 Another day to escape the drizzle near Haussman, we popped 
into a brasserie and I ordered pesto pasta with different kinds
of ham.  Was I surprised when lunch came out and
the pesto pasta was underneath smoked ham as well
as prosciutto.  I know it might look strange
 but it too was delicious.
 Today we had a little sunshine for about 3 hours
when we were up near Montmartre.  We found a most
beautiful street with no tourists and lots of small
cafés with outside tables.  We grabbed a table and
had a most remarkable lunch.  This is a beautifully
made asparagus soup and Tony is having herring
and potatoes that had him humming.  We had a
second course as well but I forgot to take the picture.
 In the middle of the afternoon for a break,
we usually stop for a little treat and to give our
feet a rest.  This is pistachio homemade ice cream
and I can't remember Tony's choice but the taste
will stay with me for a long time.  
This little ice cream place is on Rue de Buci
in the 6th arrondissement.
 Tony's favorite pastry is millefeuille and this
little shop on Victor Hugo is ahead so far in his campaign
to find the best millefeuille in Paris.  My tarte is
chocolate, oh so chocolate tarte.
Yes we have gained a little bit of weight but we are
walking all over the city.  And these little food tasting stops 
help us to dry off before the next adventure 
into another area of Paris.

At night, Tony makes a fabulous salad served with delicious
bread from our local boulangerie  and exquisite French
cheeses from the cheese shop around the corner.
And of course, a great bottle of wine that is so
reasonably priced.
The food life is very good in Paris.

So let it rain ....
and we will diet when we get back to Canada.

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