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Pink Rhinestone Glasses On A Paris Girl

Oh to be in Paris in the summer. Il fait chaud.... and the sun is bright. What's a French girl to do? Grab her soft pink rhinestone sunglasses.  The background of this summer Paris pillow is a pretty French blue ... blue-grey background with white polka dots the color of a big delicious vanilla ice cream cone.  Angelique can sit on a living room table and read along with you as you decided where you plan to spend time in Tuscany.  Or she can sit in your bookcase to add a little art to that part of your room.  There are three rhinestones on the arm of Angelique's  pink sunglasses to give her a little shot of bling.  She loves how the sun bounces off her rhinestones.  This is the back of the pillow with a backward glance of Angelique. This is how Angelique comes to life. I start with an 8"  X  8" piece of cotton and then draw her.  After I am happy with the sketch, I pull out my fabric paints and add so color to her life.  It is such fun to watch the ladies come to l…

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