Friday, February 10, 2017

Rosey Spring Cards

A package of veiled hat women
on rosy cards are available at an introductory
price of $10.00 for 4 cards
in my Etsy shop.

Pretty little valentine cards
for your good friends.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nasty Women Pillows

 Seems to be a lot of Nasty Women out there
these days.....
had to keep the group growing so I created
a few of my own Nasty Women 
for my Etsy shop.

And in honor of the renowned feminist Gloria Steinem,
I called these two ladies Gloria.
 And on the reverse of the pillow is
one of my favorite quotes...
"Little girls with dreams
become women with vision."

How true....
 As you know, each pillow is hand painted
so that each lady is a one of a kind.
Even though they may be similar,
the slight move of the pencil or paint brush,
and a different personality appears.
 Here's a red head curly haired Gloria.
These ladies come in all kinds of
colors of the rainbow.
To see or buy these ladies,
please drop by my Etsy shop
and wave your protest sign.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Dream Of Moving To Paris, Provence Or Tuscany?

 I have been having so much fun painting all
these book covers on favorite books of mine.
There is definitely a pattern in the type of books
I was selecting a few years back that I didn't realize
until I was posting these new products for my Etsy shop.

This Parisian lady is my painting for the book
"A Paris Moment" by Gordon Cope.  It's the story of Cope
moving to Le Marais in Paris and how he goes from being
a tourist to a resident of this beautiful city.
Oh, how I wanted to do this too.

On the back of this book, I have hand printed
a famous Paris quote...
"Paris is always a good idea."

See this book here.
 Everyone is familiar with 
"Under The Tuscan Sun".  The book and the movie
are different .... the book is all about Frances
Mayes move to Tuscany and her renovation of
an old villa named Bramasole.
It is almost like a wonderful how-to book on
building a life in Tuscany and she also includes 
wonderful Tuscan recipes.  She is a gourmet
cook as well as a writer.

On the back of this book is one of my favorite
quotes from "Eat, Pray, Love"....
"il dolce far niente"
the art of doing nothing.....

See this book here.
 I based the background cover of this book,
The book is written by famous designer Jocasta
Innes and her easy projects where
you use calligraphy for home decor elements.
It taught me how to use calligraphy on my walls
and lampshades which made my home feel very
French.   She also teaches how to make monogrammed
pillows and curtains.

See this lovely little book here.
"A PIG IN PROVENCE" is the name of this book
and is written by Georgeanne Brennan.
This is her story of her move to Provence and how
she created a new life in this beautiful area of France.
Of course, you can't talk about Provence without mentioning
the delicious foods of this area.  Cheeses, bouillabaisses, garlic,
tarts, etc....and interesting recipes to boot.

My favorite aspect of Provence are the Saturday markets
in the Fall.  The colors, the food, the ambience.....
my cover had to be a market scene with the lovely buildings
of Provence in the background.

The quote on the back of this wonderful book
"toujours dans mon coeur".
Always in my heart .... how true.

See Angelique at the market here.

The books have been selling well thanks to all of you.
See my Etsy shop here.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Veronique Book Cover..Dressed To Kill

 Veronique has arrived on my coffee table.

I am having such fun painting the covers of old favorite books
of mine.  It is like painting a little canvas that can sit on your tables
or in your bookcase.

This cover is on the popular book called
"The Sweet Life Of Paris" which was written by
pastry chef and famous Paris blogger,
David Lebovitz.

The background of the hand painted book cover
is a soft French pink with a scene of a Paris café.
 Because Veronique is more of a 
Parisian fashionista and not
a foodie like Monsieur Lebovitz,
the quote on the back of the book is a
handprinted and says....
"I dress to kill....
I cook the same way."

I have friends like this....
 The book is in excellent shape and is
filled with wonderful French recipes that are
actually very doable.  David also talks about
his move to Paris and his adapting to a sweet
life in the City of Lights.  It's a fun read if you have
ever dreamed of making that kind of a move.
Here are the two most recent paintings together
on my coffee table.  It's fun to have little surprises
of art in unusual places.....

See my book paintings here
in my Etsy Shop.