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Summer Time and The Totes Are Easy.......

 I am like a kid in this part of the summer.... getting a little bored and the hot humid weather is starting to get me down..... So, I found some blank totes in the back of the closet that I must have put there and then immediately forgot about and decided I would pretend I was at camp and have some fun with a little arts and craft project. Veronica is the lady above... she was one of my first designs but  I always liked her.  Coco ....  need I say more??  Manon.... like her too.  My version of Frida... what a spicy dame she was.. And Lily.... at art shows, people use to say that I looked like her.  Not sure I saw that but I do like her crazy red hair. All totes are in my Etsy shop at a special summer price. Check them out here .

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