Monday, July 21, 2014

Art Deco Women And Tamara de Lempicka

I love this quote.
It makes me laugh whenever I read it.
We all need a little bit of this attitude....
like the women in the Art Deco era.

When I think of women living in the Roaring Twenties,
I think of those women who with little regard for social morales
of the time, went about creating their own life.
And one such woman was artist Tamara de Lempicka.
Tamara de Lempicka was born into a wealthy and prominent
family from Poland in 1898.  At 15, she saw her husband-to-be at an
opera and decided that she would do what was necessary to marry him.
He was a well-known ladies man who was tempted by Tamara's significant
dowry and the two were married when Tamara turned 18.

Tamara had her first show in Milan where her art made her
the most fashionable portrait artist.  The iconic work "Auto Portrait",
(above) was a self-portrait of Tamara in a Green Bugatti and
was featured in a German fashion magazine.
It shows Tamara gloved and helmeted and a very independent
woman that was inaccessible and very free.
This is how she lived her life.
Tamara lived a bohemian lifestyle and was well-known
for her bisexual appetite.  She was quite the scandalous
talk of the town in her day.
I recently read the best seller, "The Last Nude" by
Ellis Avery which tells of Tamara's lifestyle and
her incredible relationships with her models.
She certainly marched to the beat of her own drummer...
I love her art and her ladies are magnificent.
Years ago, I went to the Montreal Gallery of Art to
see her work and was totally smitten.
To have her skill..... 

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

I have added two new Art Deco hand painted lady pillows
to my Etsy shop.  I went through a time when I was just intriqued
by the styles of the women of the Roaring Twenties.
The time was exceptional in clothing, architecture, design and
way of life that we haven't experienced since. 
See Alice here.

This is Alice
She is a woman who loved spending her time in Paris
enjoying the antics and shows of
Josephine Baker.
What a time in Paris she had.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bastille Day Fireworks Light Up Eiffel Tower

Thought you might enjoy this wonderful
display of fireworks for this year's Bastille Day.
Wish I had been there.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Les Femmes de Paris Pillows

These are my "Les Femmes de Paris" hand painted pillows.
I designed this group of pillows a number of years ago
when I lived in Niagara On The Lake working out of my
old barn studio.  

I loved that old studio and taking pictures of "the girls" in
the backyard or in my garden.  This has been one of my most
favorite group of ladies ... possibly because they remind me of Paris.

On the back of the pillows, I wrote a line or two of a
favorite song about Paris and usually sang along with the words
as I hand wrote them on the pillow.

I have been busily bringing the ladies back in different aspects
whether as a sculptured pillow or one for a sofa or
even in their original 8"  X  8" design.
This is Isabella.
She just reminds me of an Isabella.
And this is the song quote on the back of Isabella's pillow.
"The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay,
I heard the laughter in her heart in every street cafe."

Did you sing along:

This is Edith and she is based on the famous Parisian
chantreuse, Edith Piaf.
Everytime you saw a photo of Edith,
she had a cigarette.
So French... not a great habit but so French.
And one of my favorite Parisian songs is sung by Edith Piaf.
"La Vie en Rose"
"Give your heart and soul to me...
And life will always be La Vie En Rose."
It is possibly the most French song ever.
Last week, I showed you the Manon pillow for a sofa or bed.
I love painting this particular Parisian femme.
She has been a favorite of so many of my customers.

And this is Solange.
I just completed her recently into a sculptured pillow.
I really like her.
I may not sell her.

All Les Femmes de Paris pillows
can be seen in my Etsy Shop here.
Stop by and say "Bonjour."

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Small Urban Terraces

 Hasn't this been the most remarkable summer?
After such a long and difficult winter, this summer
has been a treat ... or at least in Toronto.
Plenty of rain and lots of sunshine has made our gardens
glorious.  And the temperatures are
perfect for sitting outside.

This is my back terrace in Toronto.
It is the perfect size for me with it's natural stone floor
and no grass.  My landscape gardener put in new bushes
and perennials in my raised garden which will fill out and
give a lovely garden backdrop.  The only gardening I have
done this year was to buy several pots of geraniums for color.
Easy peasy.
 I also added three hornbeam trees to soften the fence area.
These are lovely trees that are often used in Parisian
gardens as a green border.  They grown up but not out.
Perfect for small city gardens.
 I used this Pinterest picture as my inspiration.
I love boxwoods in small areas as they can be
trimmed to fit the design.  I prefer green gardens with
all their beautiful textures and various shades of green.
 City gardens are limited by size but not
by imagination.  You don't see grass very often in the
city but this little patch of green is lovely and small.
 Isn't this a beautiful dining area?
I love how the tree has been incorporated into the space.

I have a large old mulberry tree in my backyard which
is wonderful except for one month in the summer when tons
of mulberries fall on my outside dining area.  Trees are preserved in
Toronto so for the month of July,  I share my eating area
with all the birds and squirrels who come to feast on
the juicy mulberries.  It's like wild kingdom.
 Sometimes in the city, there are roof decks instead
of backyard terraces.  This is a wonderful roof deck
in Paris.  Be still my heart ...
 I always love when homeowners add a little personality to
their gardens and terraces.  I did this in my country home
and I still love this type of garden vignette.  I just don't
have the space in the city to do this.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

It has been a great month for selling my
ladies on Etsy.  As my inventory diminishes,
it gives me a chance to try some new ideas.

Here's another sofa pillow
that might be fun for a living room or bedroom.
I added a black boa as a decorative edge to
this art deco lady.
You can see her in my Etsy shop here.