Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Vintage Weekend Sale

 As I mentioned in my previous post,
I am going through some of my vintage treasures and
will be putting them up in my Affordable Splendor Etsy Shop.

Here's an authentic vintage 1990's Chanel gold tone belt.
It is in perfect condition.
If Chanel is your thing, this belt is priced to sell.
See it here.
 This is a wonderful vintage brooch
that is so different.  I loved wearing this
little gem on my Fall jackets.
It too is in great condition.
See this treasure here.
 These are vintage crochet gloves in a deep forest green.
Perfect condition and ready to wear with your
manswear jackets to give your look a little feminine flair.
See these accessories here.
These are two vintage cast iron door knockers.
They are little painted flower baskets that you lift
to knock on a door.  One of the knockers is a bit rusted
but that is sooooo shabby chic, don't you think?
It was on the door of my cottage for many years
and is the perfect accessory for that type of house.
I think they would be cute on a bedroom door.

See these vintage door knockers here.

Stop by often at my Affordable Splendor Shop
as more treasures will be posted on a regular basis.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

City Living ... Small Space Solutions

I live in a large city .... Toronto.
Homes and apartments are very expensive in spite of their
smaller spaces.  All my friends are at the time of their lives
when they are downsizing and moving to smaller homes or condos.
Young people who are just starting out can't afford the price tag
of city apartments and are forced to choose smaller spaces.
Bigger doesn't mean better anyway,
but living smarter with less can be a challenge.
Here are some ideas to consider if you are an urban dweller.

Using a smaller open space to accommodate different usage can
be challenging.  Above is a great use of a storage platform bed
with a lathe wall possibly dividing a living space from a
sleeping area.  It still feels open but the living spaces
are clearly defined.

Bedrooms are always smaller in a city home or
even in a second or third bedroom.  Above is an idea
using a desk as a bedside table.  Notice
how the storage is well used in this bedroom?
There seems to be a much touted rule in small spaces...
get it off the floor and on the wall.  No space for bedside
tables?  Add a shelf above the headboard for your
lamps and pictures.  Easy and inexpensive.
A bench takes less space than a table with chairs
and has a multi-use in a kitchen or dining area. 
Another example in an office area of getting your
storage solutions off the floor and on the wall.
Storage takes a vertical stance.
Living in a studio or a loft?
Using your sofa at the bottom of the bed also
defines the space.  My son used this solution in his city
studio apartment and it was really cozy-looking.
Be sure to make your bed each morning.

A small space can look great.
Along with some ingenious ideas and no clutter,
your city living space gives you a lot more time to spend
your free time with friends in cafes and enjoying city life.
North America cities are feeling so Parisian.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

Samantha is a city woman and like her
namesake from Sex In The City, she lives in ssmaller
city condo where storage space has to accommodate
her love of hats and shoes.
See the hand painted Samantha pillow
here in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Orange Is The New Black

Meet Manon, one of Les Femmes de Paris. The HAND PAINTED 
pillow is 8" X 8" in size. You can enjoy Manon on your desk, 
or side table or even on a bookshelf. Who says art has to hang 
on a wall? Manon is wearing a pearl and gold earring to give 
her a bit of splash. She is wearing a pistachio and orange striped 
suit with hotpink and black collar. Her blouse is black and 
white checked. Manon is a fan of Marc Jacobs. The background of 
the pillow is an deep orange and white stripe.

There is a quote on the back of the pillow that is a fun Paris saying:

Manon is from the Midlife Madonnas Series and would make
 a wonderful present for that special woman of a certain age. 
They are women of independent spirit who know what they want 
and they know how to get it.

This 8" X 8" hand painted pillow looks beautiful on a side table, 
a desk or even in a bookshelf. Who says art has to hang on a wall? 
Manon is wearing a flowered turban hat with a big black bow 
that sets off her dangling earrings with 3 rhinestones in each. 
 The background of the Midlife Pillow is a deep orange.

There is a quote on the back of the pillow and it says....

See French Manon here
Midlife Manon here.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Art Deco Women And Tamara de Lempicka

I love this quote.
It makes me laugh whenever I read it.
We all need a little bit of this attitude....
like the women in the Art Deco era.

When I think of women living in the Roaring Twenties,
I think of those women who with little regard for social morales
of the time, went about creating their own life.
And one such woman was artist Tamara de Lempicka.
Tamara de Lempicka was born into a wealthy and prominent
family from Poland in 1898.  At 15, she saw her husband-to-be at an
opera and decided that she would do what was necessary to marry him.
He was a well-known ladies man who was tempted by Tamara's significant
dowry and the two were married when Tamara turned 18.

Tamara had her first show in Milan where her art made her
the most fashionable portrait artist.  The iconic work "Auto Portrait",
(above) was a self-portrait of Tamara in a Green Bugatti and
was featured in a German fashion magazine.
It shows Tamara gloved and helmeted and a very independent
woman that was inaccessible and very free.
This is how she lived her life.
Tamara lived a bohemian lifestyle and was well-known
for her bisexual appetite.  She was quite the scandalous
talk of the town in her day.
I recently read the best seller, "The Last Nude" by
Ellis Avery which tells of Tamara's lifestyle and
her incredible relationships with her models.
She certainly marched to the beat of her own drummer...
I love her art and her ladies are magnificent.
Years ago, I went to the Montreal Gallery of Art to
see her work and was totally smitten.
To have her skill..... 

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

I have added two new Art Deco hand painted lady pillows
to my Etsy shop.  I went through a time when I was just intriqued
by the styles of the women of the Roaring Twenties.
The time was exceptional in clothing, architecture, design and
way of life that we haven't experienced since. 
See Alice here.

This is Alice
She is a woman who loved spending her time in Paris
enjoying the antics and shows of
Josephine Baker.
What a time in Paris she had.