A Wonderful Welcome To Paris

 We arrived in Paris early Sunday morning.
What a great time to arrive .. no traffic.
We treated ourselves to a taxi ride so that we could begin
our holiday in this magnificent city right away.

We are staying in an apartment in the 15th arrondissement on
the rue Suffren which is a lovely street right next to the
Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower.
We were met by Pierre and Marie who are such
perfect Parisian hosts of this lovely rental apartment.
What a surprise it was to walk into a large apartment
with huge windows that overlooked the Eiffel Tower.
So incredibly close!
 Also outside our windows in the distance
was Sacre Coeur.  
Be still my heart.
 The apartment has a large living room and dining room
combination.  There is also a dine-in breakfast bar 
that overlooks the tower and the Champs de Mars park.
 Everything we needed was ready for us in the apartment.
Bathrobes, slippers, beautiful soaps and shampoos,
milk, coffee and juices to get us started on your first breakfast.
Marie even had a great red wine for us as well as a 
bottle of champagne.  Not a detail was missed.
This is the view from my bed.
At the top of each hour for five minutes,
the Eiffel Tower sparkles like a Christmas tree.
To lie in bed and watch this show
has been a dream of mine for many years.

Bonne Nuit.

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