Paper Passion ... DIY Envelopes
 I have acquired a new passion .... beautiful paper.
I love looking at pretty paper on Pinterest, blogs, Etsy shops,
and all the blogs that feature wonderful graphic arts creators of
stationary and paper products.

 What is the attraction of these beautiful handmade papers?
Is it that most of our correspondence is conducted through the
email or texts?  Not many of us receive beautifully hand 
written letters anymore.  
The allure of a stack of love letters found in an old
trunk, or a beautiful rendering by an artist on her letter 
from Rome to a best friend or a heartfelt 
apology on a  monogrammed note card ....  
they are a thing of the past.
 So I decided today to try a little DIY project.
I would make my own envelopes.
I tore apart an old envelope to get a pattern.
 I traced it onto an old file (tag board) to give it some structure.
 I had these three old wrapping paper books that I have saved
for years.  Now it was time to use them.
The books have sample wrapping papers from the Art Nouveau
era, 19th Century French Flowers 
and of course my favorite, Roses.
 I traced the envelope on the back of one of the papers.
 And voila ... a handmade rose envelope.
 I folded the flaps of the envelope and used my 
Glue Stick to seal the edges.
 I added pieces of white paper to the front for
the addresses.
 I am ready to send my first handmade envelope.
Now I want to make more.  It's so simple.
 I could use pages from old books, wall paper,
magazines, and even kraft brown paper would be fun.
The possibilities are endless.
 Here's an envelope I found on Pinterest made from an old book page.
And this is my favorite.
The beautiful old stamps, the watercolor,
and the French handwriting.

Wouldn't you love to receive this in the mail?
When I am in Paris, I am going to visit the Stamp
and Postcard Market in the Park.  The
collectors have boxes full of old stamps,
and lovely vintage postcards and letters.
I will take some photos to share with you.

But until then,
try this little DIY ...
it's fun and easy.

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