I Love Paris In The Spring Time. (Not This Year)

 Our last two days in my favorite city and I have come down
with a doozy of a cold.  It has rained every day for the past
two weeks.  And this week, the temperatures have plummeted
to around 50 degrees along with the pouring rain.
It has been a record breaker in low temperatures in Paris.

This was the time I packed light.  I brought one little sweater
and a very light jacket.  Don't they tell you to pack light
and have the freedom to enjoy your trip more with less?
I guess with global warming trends, we might have
to rethink that old packing adage about fewer clothes.
 I haven't had a cold in about 7 years ... a stat I was
so proud of.  That will teach me a lesson ... keep my
smugness quiet.  So for the past two days, I have spent
more time in the apartment laying low on the coldest and
rainiest two days in Paris but I have had a great man
looking after me ... making me hot toddies, keeping my
supply of Perrier in stock and not complaining
about losing another day out seeking 
great Paris finds.  That's a good friend.
 Last night, I sat on the couch watching the sky
change over the Paris cityscape.  There were little
patches of blue sky just teasing us that possibly the
next day might be even somewhat sunny.  I took
out my camera and decided to play with the manual
function to finally learn how to use my camera properly.
I'm not sure if I used the F stop correctly but it
was fun playing around with all the gizmos.  And I might not have
done that if I hadn't gotten a cold and stayed
in for the night.  Now I am really pumped about 
learning how to use my camera properly.
There are good moments even in not so good times.
What a great time to have the Eiffel Tower two blocks
away so I can see it so clearly.  What a great time we had even 
when we were out slugging it out in the weather in Paris.  
And what a great time I had spending it with the really
terrific man in my life.

You rock Paris ... cold, rainy and all...
but next time, I will bring two seasons of clothing.

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