Brad Photographs Angie

Brad Pitt is today's renaissance man.
He is huge in the film industry, an architect and now
a photographer.

Here are some beautiful photographs Brad took of his
Angelina for W Magazine back in November 2008.
W wanted a different perspective for an article
featuring Angelina Jolie, and Brad 
accepted the challenge. 
 He used Kodak Tech Pan which is a black/white film
that had been discontinued several years before this shoot.
The magazine was able to find about 40 rolls for him.

Tech Pan was a film used by photographers in the 
fashion industry.  It offers photographers high contrast
b/w photos with a bit of grainy texture.

 Don't you love his lighting?

Although black and white can be very inspiring,
now that Spring is here ....
I hope you have a 

Sculptured Pillow

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