Two Parisian Peas In A Pod

 My lovely and brilliant Judith knows me well and what tickles my 
blogging bone.  She sent me this article about Mady and Monette, 
identical twins who live in Paris.

Maja Daniels, an excellent photographer, spotted these 
two ladies walking down the street.
After seeing them over a number of years, she finally approached
them to ask if she might photograph the two.
 Mady and Monette are not only identical sisters but
when they go out in public, they dress alike.
At their age, you can imagine this turns lots of heads.
 They share an apartment and work together as dancers
and models.  They aren't married ... they don't have
children ... they simply have each other.
 When they were younger, the ladies performed in a
cabaret in matching outfits.  Their stage name was
The Diamond Sisters.

When Daniels was working on a photography project about
Alzheimer's and was aware of the stereotypes associated
with aging.  These two ladies broke all the rules. 
"They are child-like in their view of life and how they see
themselves.  They don't celebrate their birthdays or
give out their age.  They live in the moment."
Maya Daniels continues to photograph Mady and Monette
when she is in Paris.  She has become friends with them
and can tell them apart by their voices and demeanor.

It is a lovely and interesting story about devotion.
My thought as I read through the article was
what will happen when one of them is not
around anymore.   How sad that would be.

Maybe I will see them next week when 
I am in Paris?!?

Thank you Maya Daniels for your
photographic talent of seeing
the world with a different eye.

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