Quiet Corners Of Paris

 This trip to Paris was going to be different than the trips
previously.  We were going to get off the beaten tourist path and
discover Paris from a different eye.  Everything has slowed
down on this trip.  Tony and I don't feel like we have to
hectically cover every inch of "the must" sees of this
lovely city.  We are going to places where you see so
many fewer tourists and all you hear is French.

When you slow down and stop worrying about getting
all the pictures, you see little "treats" that you might miss.
Like this little hotel pathway that was behind a big
green door that poussez.  We did.  This is
a cute hotel in the 16th arrondissement.  Wouldn't
this be a lovely place to stay?
 Or this lovely little gift store just down the street
from the hotel?  This was down a little alleyway.
There were chairs along the side where you
could rest your tired bones and enjoy the
beauty of this little corner.
 In the 3rd arrondissement, we walked down a windy
cobblestone street and found a pretty little
café under a large plane tree.
 On the way to the little café above, 
we passed this beautiful metal garage door.
Little surprises around each corner.
 After lunch, we meandered some more through the
3rd and were astounded by the number of little parks
surrounded by large Parisian  apartments.  Because 
apartments are small generally in Paris for the average person,
the parks are where the neighborhood congregates.
Playgrounds for kids with benches galore for the Moms and
nannies, and bocce areas for the older retired men to meet.
If you are in Paris, spend some time watching this game.
This is serious business to these men.  The gentleman in
the hat was the best and most serious at the game.
 These four Parisian gentlemen were having a good
time with each other and thoroughly enjoying
harassing their friends playing the game.
 One little park had a beautiful pond with
baby ducks.  No one was bothering the cute little ducks
or even trying to catch them for dinner.
We must have sat here for 45 minutes just watching
the people and enjoying this little haven in the city.
There is always a piece of art on every block in Paris.
Many sculptures are on the beautiful buildings over the windows
or above the doors.  And the parks .... there is something special
in each park like the sculpture above in this picture.  And the fences
are always beautiful wrought iron designs.

But to see the real essence of this city,
one has to meander all the backstreets of this
glorious city.  As we sat on our bench, we wonder
what it would be like to live in a place where
there is so much beauty around you.
Would you eventually stop seeing it as well?

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