What's In Your Tote When You Travel?

(a re-run post - hope you enjoy)
I am packing for Paris now and will be traveling on my own which 
offers a different perspective on how much I can take with me.
This time I don't have anyone to help me with my bags so I want to
keep my luggage to a minimum.
One of the most important elements of packing
is what I will include in my carry-on tote.

Here's my tote list thus far:

1.) Important documents like my passport, photocopies of important pages of my passport,
my credit cards, my health insurance, my airline ticket,
my hotel/apartment info., and phone numbers of my bank,
credit card company, and other key people in case of emergency.

2.) List of my prescriptions and Doctor's phone numbers.

3.) Prescriptive medicines ... do not pack in stowed luggage.

4.) Pen for custom forms and crossword puzzles.

5.) Sweater or pashmina for a night flight ...
it always seems to be cooler flying at night.

6.) Trashy novel or fun magazines that you can leave behind.

7.) Cosmetic bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, etc to
refresh yourself before you deplane.

8.) Extra panties, top, etc. I always feel a little grungy the next day
after an all night flight and it's nice to have something clean to change into
or if the worst happens .... they lose your luggage.

9.) Camera and laptop.

10.) Good jewelry, if you are so inclined to take that along with you.
I don't usually wear my better gems when I travel because
I don't want to draw attention, especially if I am on my own.

11.) Earplugs for those overnight flights or even eye masks if your
neighbor watches TV all night.

Am I missing anything?
What do you take in your carry-on?

Illustrations by Ruben Toledo
for the Nina Garcia Books.

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