Slim Keith - Social Goddess

 "God blessed me with a happy spirit and many other gifts.  
What I was not blessed with I went out and got.  
Sometimes the price was too high, but I've 
never been much of a bargain hunter."
                           -Slim Keith

Nancy "Slim" Keith was a New York socialite and fashion
icon during the 1950s and 1960s.  She was an excellent example
of the American jet set.  Some women are born into their fortunes and
others marry them.  Lady Slim Keith did the latter.

 She had an extremely difficult childhood and persuaded her mother
into letting her leave school at 16.  She headed to Death Valley and
there met William Powell, one of Hollywood's leading men.
Through Powell, she met Randolph Hearst and his mistress and
they all became close friends and traveled
the world together on his yacht.

Slim was an intelligent and beautiful woman and had a great interest
in men.  She loved fashion and at 22,  was on the cover of Harper's Bazaar.
She was on the best dressed list continually and received the Neiman Marcus
Fashion Award which had only been given to designers.
 She married Howard Hawks, the noted  film director who left his marriage
to marry her.  She met a fashion model, Lauren Bacall and introduced
Ms. Bacall to her husband who then put her in the movies.

The marriage didn't last long.  Slim was pursued by many famous men.
Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway.  She went
to Cuba to stay with Hemingway after her divorce and there she
met her second husband, Leland Hayward, the Broadway producer
of South Pacific and Sound of Music.  They married for 12 happy years
and it was at this time, Slim met her two best friends .. 
Babe Paley and Truman Capote.

While away, Leland met Pamela Churchill  and left Slim to
marry her.  Pamela later left that marriage to become the wife
of Averell Harriman, the ambassador to France.

Slim then met Sir Kenneth Keith, a monied British businessman
and married him.  They weren't in love with each other ... more
like a merger of wealth and contacts.  Her hunting parties in the
English countryside became legendary.

The Keiths finally divorced and Slim lived alone for the
remainder of her life.  Her good friends Babe Paley and
Truman Capote died of lung cancer and in 1990, Slim passed on.
She had become the first social goddess of the modern era.
 Slim with Gable.
 And with Gary Cooper.
Slim Keith with Ernest Hemingway.

I had never heard of Slim Keith but I was drawn to her name. 
 Slim Keith ... great name. 

What a life!  It certainly sounded exciting but also filled
 with much loneliness and hurt. 
 I guess it goes back to the old adage ...
"Be careful of what you dream about ... you might get it." 

bio from The Fashion Spot

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