DIY- Marie Claire Idées Style

 You all know that I am a magazine hoarder.  
If the magazines are French,
the addiction becomes more pronounced.
Marie Claire Idées is a favorite.
 The magazine is filled with great DIY idées French style.
Like strips of linen material sewn together with
embroidery to add visual interest.
Simple, and right on trend with color.
 Some of the ideas are a little out there but
it does inspire the old creative juices.
Like using wallpaper or wrapping paper
to cover an old mantel. 
 This is one of my favorite ... a new
twist to using all those old glasses in
your cupboard.  Turn the glasses
upside down and attach candles using
hot wax to adhere them to the bottom
of the stem.  
What gorgeous candlesticks!
 Or turn them all right side up,
and use them for a fun grouping
of flowers for your next dinner party.
So simple ... so pretty.
 Step outside to your garden and
add an old dresser planted with
flowers for a fun focal interest.
Finding old discarded dressers would be
just the ticket to reusing and repurposing.

I did this in my old garden.
My new garden could fit in the drawers.
 This is an old table covered with moss
and a garland of flowers.
Wouldn't this be lovely for your
next al fresco dinner?
You would be a lucky person to have these chairs
but if not, Restoration Hardware sells the exact
style for a fairly reasonable price.  Then,
stencil or paint your own design on the front 
and back of the chair to make them
your own.  

Hope you have been inspired for this lovely
Tuesday morning.

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