The Fun Art of Sandy Mastroni

Good art provokes an emotion.  
The art of Sandy Mastroni makes me laugh.
She is a Contemporary Folk Art Painter.
I met Sandy through Etsy as a fellow Etsian. 
The wonderful aspect about Etsy is that not only 
do you have at your fingertips some of the most 
creative artisans in the world but also,
some of the neatest people you could meet.
I have been a big fan of Sandy's for several years. 
 These two young ladies are my most recent purchase.  
The little girl with the red shirt is
Peggy and the other is Dina.

These two girls are by my desk and welcome me each morning when I sit down at my computer.  
Their fun little faces and crazy hair 
make me smile each day.  
Do they remind me of myself
or the inner me when I was younger?  
 This was my first purchase and she is a part 
of my women art wall.
This one reminds me of my sister when she 
was younger and wore braids.  

What I love about Sandy's little girls is that I think
she recognizes we all have that little 
Pippi Longstocking quality in our personality. 
I hope so.
It keeps us young and strong and in touch
with the devilish little girl in all of us.
 This little lady in yellow is also on my art wall.
 Sandy's art has been published by North Light 
Publications in a book called "Sharing Stitches."  
This book can be bought through Amazon.

Her art is not only three dimensional but also 
paintings of fun subjects like Alice and 
The White Rabbit, or pumpkin people at Halloween.
She paints her faces with ink, thinned
acrylics and Inktense water
color pencil.  Such talent.
 Better Homes and Gardens featured her snowman 
hearts in their Holiday publication in 2011.

This little girl is darling but was already sold.
 These are not children's toys ...
just wonderful little pieces of art.
 Sandy lives in Connecticut with her husband 
and 4 amazing cats ....
Juliette, Baby M, Buddy and Holly.
Their names even make me laugh.
This is tuxedo cat and will probably be my 
next purchase.
I love the face and it reminds me of my 
favorite cat Johnson 
who died several years ago.

Please go visit Sandy Mastroni's Etsy shop
and then stop by her blog.
There are some fun, eerie and special friends to meet.

First four photos are Meg Mitchell and
the last five photos are from 
Sandy Mastroni's Etsy site.

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