A Renovated Carriage House Studio

Welcome to the Priscilla Mae et al studio.

My studio was an old carriage house the city was going to tear down because it infringed on the shoulder of a road that was to be widen. The deal was that I could have the building at no cost as long as I moved it. Because it was originally coupled with my 1815 home,
I couldn't let them destroy it.

So much money later, the two story carriage house was moved behind my home but was half a story shorter because the building started to fall apart with the move. What had I gotten myself into? I wasn't sure how I was going to use the space but I remembered the famous line from the movie, Field of Dreams.
"Build it and they will come."

This is the path that leads to my studio with two chairs for husbands who might be intimidated by all my hand painted women on the pillows and totes.

The path leads along the back of my home next to my latticed deck.....
... to the lean-to porch that I added to the building so that I could extend my selling space when I have studio shows. More chairs are provided in the shade so one can relax and enjoy the garden while they wait for their friends to finish shopping.

When I renovated the building, I had to replace the 175 year old barn board with new rough sawn wood and then I used the original barn wood as shutters on the windows and doors.
Off the back of my studio, I added a small deck that overlooks the treed area at the back of my property. It's quite wild in that part of my yard but I love the woodsy effect.
Often, I get small groups of women shopping and it's fun to have them join me for a drink on my studio deck. My son used to call it a "girls only" space because gales of laughter could be heard over the birds chirping. It's a fun place to just hang out.

My next post will be showing you the inside of the studio but I have to clean it up first.

If anyone is in the Niagara On The Lake area, I hope that you will stop by and visit me at my studio. Just contact me and let me know when you are coming.....

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