This week, I spent the day in Toronto and one of the things I love to do when I'm in a big city is to "le leche vitrine." Literally in French, that means to "lick the windows" but in North America, it's simply called "window shopping."

Retailers and designers spend a lot of money to get us to buy into their view of the upcoming trends for the next season. Although this Summer's heat wave was in full swing in Toronto, the windows were starting to give us hints of what was coming in the Fall.
In the Yves Saint Laurent window, the set designer featured Paris but the background color was a deep yellow which is right off the Pantone list of trendy colors for the Fall. Pantone calls this ochre color "Golden Glow" and you will see designers working this shade into their fall clothing and accessories. I was attracted to the use of the white boxes drawn to look like suitcases piled up to mimic the Eiffel Tower.
Fun window.
The Teuscher Window, the chocolatiers of Switzerland, gave a nod to gay marriage by featuring this wedding cake with two men at the top. It was Gay Pride Weekend in Toronto which is a huge and very successful event in the city.
I'm proud that Canada allows marriage for everyone.
Peering in the Vera Wang windows of their new shop in Toronto, one can't help but notice all the beautiful ruffles on all the wedding dresses. This window feels like we are in Vera Wang's atelier. Seeing the designs up close and personal adds such dimension and texture that you just can't appreciate in a photograph.
The Chanel window was already screaming Fall. They too have picked up two of the hot trend colors for Fall .... scarlet red and black. The Asian influence is there in the finishes. We will probably see the carry over of these colors and styles in the home decor area as well.
Even Hermes has used the black and deep red color trend.
This little window is Tiffany and the Pantone color "Golden Glow" is on trend. I think the butterflies are a hold over from Spring and coupled with the Fall color, the window keeps one foot in the now and one foot in the future. Maybe this is a transitional window?

Next time you are in a larger city, "lick some windows" and see if you can tell what the new trends might be.

Do you enjoy reading the fashion and home decor magazine /blogs that show us what's hot and what's not? Do you even care or do you find yourself adding an accessory to update an outfit or room just for something new?

All photographs by Meg Mitchell

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