Of all the news stories this week, this one from The Telegraph, won the Pulitzer prize of
my heart and soul.

Two nuns, Sister Marie-Daniel, 86, and Sister Saint-Denis, 82, ran away from their nunnery two weeks and are still fugitives at large. They were being "retired" and on their way to a remote mountain retreat 250 miles away.

The two "vagabonds" vanished from the Sisters of Saint-Joseph convent in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, on the French Riviera. A third sister, 89, had wanted to join them, but she had broken her leg four days before the escape.

It is said that the sisters were furious at being "put out to grass" in a retirement home after 50 years at the convent. "They wanted to jump before they were pushed," and "Would rather take their chances out in the world than have to live out their days in some far away rest home."

I just love these two Sisters. I love their spunk of rejecting other people's plans for their lives. I love that fact that they want to keep on living. I love that these feisty two women live in France because that has always appealed to my heart. And I would really love to have a scooter like they have.... to be a motorized flying nun!!!

I "get" these ladies. We are finally at the age where we have nothing to lose and then we settle safely for what society expects of us. I am very restless and in need of shaking up my life a bit ... perhaps an adventure? You know .... the kind that scares you to death
but makes you feel alive again?

Thank you to the dear friend who sent this article to me. It couldn't have come at a better time. And thank you to the "Flying Away Nuns" for their inspiration.

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