Art By The Lake

Every year, on July 1st weekend, the Chamber of Commerce of Niagara on the Lake, has a very special event .... Art By The Lake. The setting is exquisite. The artists set up their tents in our park that overlooks Lake Ontario and our neighbors across the way,
Youngstown, New York.

The park with it's pretty little gazebo is a lovely place to sit and dream but on this weekend, it's the place to meet some great artisans and view their creations.

I love clothes. I love unique and creative clothes. Susan Harris of Susan Harris Design in Toronto offers both. Susan specializes in reconstructing vintage couture and recycled materials into some wonderful creations.

For over 8 years, Susan has created designs for women and then children and starting in the Fall, men will be added to her line. Below I have added from Susan's website, a close up of the design above with the screened print and also, her wedding dress created from vintage clothing.
Oh to be young again.


Flowers were the order of the day from Irene MacKenzie, a watercolour artist from my home town, Niagara on the Lake. Everyone was captivated by her large floral prints that just grabbed your attention immediately. I love the large poppy for which she is so well known.
Wouldn't one of her large floral paintings be fabulous over my bed instead of a head board?
Such pop ... such color.

This is a close up I took of one of her wonderful and colorful smaller poppy paintings.


Paul Szewc is the artisan who created these fun Wonky Boxes that I just fell in love with. Paul runs a cooperative artisan gallery that features over 30 Canadian artists in a funky building in Guelph, Ontario.
These unique wooden jewelry boxes follow Paul's philosophy ... "The crazier, the better."

Julia McNeely of Toronto was one of my favorite artists at the show. Her paintings just grabbed your attention away from the beautiful lake and brought you into her tent. It was the colors ... the beautifully rich exquisite colors and oh .... the subjects.

I loved the pig, and I loved the sheep and the poppies in the field .... such fun. Such color!

Tracy Crandall has created fun and quirky purses by weaving recycled materials and embellishing them with unique clay buttons handmade by her friend. The purse is very organic and it is lovely to see all the different kinds of materials she uses.

I am waiting for her winter purses. They are in the shape of the old doctors' bags and are hand knit or crocheted with wool and then felted down to size.

As soon as Tracy is finished with her website overhaul, we will all be able to see her colorful creations. Get busy Tracy. We are waiting not so patiently.

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