A friend sent me a link to an article in The Telegraph that featured John Galliano's Autumn and Winter 2010 show for Christian Dior. To me, it was a most beautiful collection of a "technicolor garden of haute couture."
What an inspiration!
The dress above is based on the lovely pansy flower below.
Hilary Alexander, one of the fashion gurus from the Telegraph, said the skirts were shaped like tulips and the jackets had silk hydrangeas. Dresses were painted with delphiniums and roses .... the colors were exquisite.

The aspect that tickled me about the collection was the millinery accents that were designed by Stephen Jones. The models wore towering hairdos encased within cellophane wrapping similar to how your flowers are given to you at a floral shop.

John Galliano said the collection was inspired by the garden of "Les Rhumbs" which was the childhood home of Christian Dior.

To visit Dior's garden of earthly delights, please visit The Telegraph. After you view the runway show, you will immediately go out to your garden and see your flowers as potential couture dresses.

I wonder what John Galliano could do with a garden of weeds?

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