Nancy - An Independent Woman


Nancy is the third woman of the new series called THE WOMEN. She lived in Manhattan during the 1930's and her friends compare her to another of their contemporaries, Dorothy Parker because of her wit and writing style. Nancy has authored a number of books but none of them have done particularly well as yet but she continues to pursue her dreams.

Nancy is the only single woman of the Ladies Who Lunch group and gets teased about being the "old maid". That doesn't bother Nancy ...
she loves her single lifestyle and has no plans to ever tie the knot.

Walking away from the in-fighting within her group of friends, Nancy ends up being the woman the others turn to because of her sound judgement and strong emotional persona. She stays out of the fray of gossip as she finds it a waste of her time.

Nancy is now sitting pretty in my Etsy shop and awaiting for a lucky buyer to accompany her to the famous Algonquin Hotel to join for a martini or two.
Bottoms up!

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