Deliciously Naughty Sylvia


Sylvia is a Park Avenue lady whose husband is the President of the Bank. She is a member of the fashionable society and spends much of her time raising funds for the art gallery and the opera which also gives her direct access to some of the juiciest gossip in New York.
She's one scandal-loving woman and her friends, "The Women,"
must be very careful what they reveal to Sylvia.
Does she have a heart? Somewhere under those furs perhaps?????

The quote on the back of the Sylvia Hand Painted Pillow has the Sylvia attitude:


This is Sylvia with Miriam, one of her close friends. Because Miriam is quite the lady about town, Sylvia has an endless banter of gossip about Miriam. What are good friends for??

The pillows are based on Clare Boothe Luce's play "The Women". They are an entertaining bunch of ladies. Both are for sale in my Etsy shop and come with a stand so they can join you for a glass of sherry.

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