This is my studio that was a 1815 carriage house that was going to be torn down but was given to me if I moved it to my property. The building was in bad shape but the structure was intact. All new wood siding, windows and doors were added along with the
lean-to porch on the front and a small deck on the back of the building.
Welcome. Please come in.
The building is almost a 2 story space after having lost 6 feet during the move. I whitewashed the walls to make the space brighter. There are quite a number of trees surrounding three sides of the studio and in the summer, it can be a bit shady. But I love the trees and they stay.....

This is a view of my painting desk and the sewing area just behind it. I designed a foldable shelving unit to hold all the larger painted pillows with space underneath for white cartons to hold supplies and additional product. I take this unit to art shows as everything is light and folds down flat and I can manage it on my own. Everything can be fit into the back of my car.
This view is the far side of the studio where I had shelves built in around a fireplace. The gas fireplace is my only heat in the winter and it is as warm as toast. When I had the walls rebuilt, I made sure there was plenty of insulation put in and that has made all the difference, both in the winter as well as the summer.
Another view of my painting desk and paints.
Storage becomes one of the most important elements in an artist studio. I found this old antique side board that works beautifully for displaying my product but also holds my shipping supplies and marketing materials. The bookcase to the right of the sideboard holds all the buttons, jewels and ribbons that I use on my pillows and totes. The fun earrings are kept in my
Bonne Maman jelly jars because I just love the plaid top.
So French.
My little hand painted desk and side table is located next to the door so that I can greet customers and handle transactions as they leave. Shopping bags, business and greeting cards are kept in the little side table.
All the pillows and totes are packaged in clear cello bags with a black grosgrain ribbon and a swish of black tulle at the top. Because all the pillows are hand painted, the clear bags keep the them clean as they are picked up to read the fun quote on the back of each pillow. I encourage visitors not to be afraid to touch anything ...
pillows can't break and the quotes always bring a smile or two.
Have a seat on my back deck and enjoy my wild backyard.
Thanks for stopping by my studio.

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