Taking Myself On An Artist's Date

 Besides Morning Pages, there is another tool that 
The Artist's Way feels is absolutely imperative to 
opening up a person's creative spirit.  
That tool is the Artist's Date.

Please don't think The Artist Date is just for painters, musicians
or writers. It is also a wonderful way to create and
dream of solutions to any part of your life. 

I first used The Artist's Date when I was trying to figure
out what I wanted to do with my life when I closed
my consulting business.  I had to get out of the house
and have an adventure.  I went to Picker's Auctions,
art galleries, a different neighborhood ..... sometimes I just
sat in a little cafe and watched the people walk by.

What is an Artist's Date?

An Artist's Date is a block of time, perhaps two hours
weekly, especially set aside and committed to nurturing 
your creative self.  It is a time to enjoy being with your
own self, exploring the things you might love, 
and having some fun on your own.  

I know for some people, being on their own
is an uncomfortable place to be.  I can remember my
first Picker's Auction.  I was nervous. 
 I didn't think I belonged there.
Pickers are a breed unto themselves.  They can be
a little rough around the edges but they know their 
collectibles and even their "junk". I learned a lot that day 
and had a good time doing so.  Their comments to
each other were priceless ... hilarious.
  I forgot about myself, had lots of fun and even 
found some pretty interesting old
tables that I later painted and sold.
 My most recent Artist Date was an excursion to a couple 
of bookstores around Toronto.  Who doesn't like bookstores with
all the color, book covers, coffee aroma and comfy
places to sit and enjoy the retail theatrics.

On a shelf were all the Jane Austen books.
Love the covers but wouldn't it be fun to reread all
the Austen classics?
 I loved this cover of the book Muses.
I want to try and paint this lady.
She's definitely a Priscilla Mae lady.

 Of course in the larger bookstores, no one
just sells books anymore.  These colors
in real life took my breathe away.
Color has hit the point of sale displays
in bookstores.  Spring and Easter are coming.
A lady came over to me when I was taking this
picture and asked me what I was doing.  I told her I 
just loved the colors and textures in this display.  
She said to me,
"You know, I would never have noticed them had I not
seen you photographing the display.  I would have walked on by.
You are right, the colors are beautiful."

That is what an Artist Date does.
It makes you slow down, look around,
be inspired,
and totally enjoy yourself.

Take a Artist's Date with yourself this week.

This is the Veronica Tote from my Etsy shop.
I was inspired by a hat Alicia Keys wore to the
Grammys one year and just had to add it to one of my
women.  Veronica seemed perfect for it.

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