Some Quick Thoughts On Gal Pals

One of my favorite categories on Pinterest are the quotes.
This weekend I spent some time reading over some of the most
hilarious quotes I've ever seen.  But ... there are some lovely
quotes as well that make you stop and say "hmmmm."

The quotes that honor those most important women in our lives,
our women friends,  just scratch the surface.  It's that particular
relationship that we appreciate even more as we grow older.
Most of us are fortunate to have wonderful gal pals that
we have known for years.  There are friends that we
see on a regular basis and there are those women friends
we see less frequently but when we meet, we scarcely
miss a beat.

This post is in honor of all our gal pals.


My dream is that when I reach this age,
I can go tubing with a good friend and
contine the laughs, the talks and the tears
until the day I leave this earth.

photo: top picture -

This is Emma.  She was one of the women of the 
Girlfriend series.  It was one of the most popular
Priscilla Mae et al pillows as most women customers 
sent them to their best friends.  
They will be re-introduced again very soon.
"It is the friends you can call at 4:00 a.m.
that matter."

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