Creating A Personal Space In Your Home

In my own home, I am lucky to have a room of my own.
I tore down a wall between two small rooms and created a
larger space so that I could incorporate a combined guest room 
and studio.  Since the guest room is not used often, this space 
is all mine.  It is my favorite room in my home.

I paint, I write my blog and sometimes, I love to curl up
in the day bed and read.  The room has all the things I love
to have around me.  The room changes often as well as I 
dream up new ideas and schemes which might
define a different use of the space.

                           Some basics for creating your space:
  •   A place to relax, read a book, listen to music, sit quietly or even take a nap.
  •   A table or a desk to work on your projects.
  •   Good lighting for tasks and a dimmer switch for a relaxing atmosphere.
  •   Photos of people you love, or travels you have taken or favorite art.
  •   Music ... all kinds of music for all your moods.
  •   Color ... choose a favorite color or keep your room neutral.
  •   Accent with colorful pillows, throws or objects from your travels.
  •   Books and magazines for inspiration.
  •   Baskets, old vintage suitcases, cabinets, etc to keep the clutter to a  minimum.
  •   Bulletin or an inspiration board to post pictures, textiles, anything for inspiration.
  •   Candles for aroma or flowers to make you feel special. 
In my studio, I have a day bed because it doesn't take much room.
When you live in a city, our home spaces are generally smaller.
 Under the day bed, I store boxes for my Etsy businesses 
and Jo, my cat loves sleeping the day away there as well.

Above the bed, I taped some favorite post cards of art I
collected when I was in Paris.  The Queen's throne chair was
something I picked up at a yard sale. It needs recovering but
for now it has an old French tapestry thrown on the seat.
This is my white table from IKEA.  From here I paint, 
photograph my vintage jewelry for my Etsy shop and
wrap the purchases for mailing. 
IKEA has some great tables with
attachable legs or cabinets at terrific prices to help 
you organize your workspace.
 It doesn't have to cost much and many of
their products are good for smaller spaces.
I just swerve around in my chair from my white table and
there's my desk for writing my blog and organizing my life.
I even have a little TV to watch programs when I feel like it.
My women pillows watch over me and I have just hung a new 
inspiration board.  Because of my morning pages,
I have some new directions and I hope the board will
 keep my ideas in front of me.  

  To the left are my fun dolls of some of my favorite artisans over the years.  They are a joyful group of fun.

I found an old wooden lamp at a yard sale and then a friend gave me this old metal lamp shade sans material.  This is a little ongoing  project.  I have collected old pearls and chandelier crystals  and decided to hang them on the shade.  The light on the crystals is fun at night .. like stars.

Here's an overview of the working area in my
studio. I have moved the furniture around in this room
a hundred times.  Change inspires me.

Do you have a room of your own?
How do you spend your time in your space?
Are you surrounded by objects with a personal history?
Would your room tell us a story about you?

 A fun little kitschy piece of jewelry
on Etsy.  I found this at a church bazaar and
fell in love with it.  It's the design and faded
colors that caught my eye.
So South Beach.

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