Perfectly Proper Pets of Provence

Voila.   Another purrrfect Provence kitty lying
in the sun.  Not just on any window sill 
overlooking the square in Avignon,  but ....
a window sill of a beautiful centuries old building ..
six floors above us.
As I sat peacefully drinking my glass of wine at an outside café
across the street from her,  one of her little legs
slipped off the sill and dangled over the edge.

 When I could stand no longer watching the 
cat on the sill, I decided to wander the narrow streets
and do some serious window browsing. 
There was Pierre sitting comfortably on his 
foot stool outside a swishy clothing store.
Notice his stuffed aardvark next to him?
In Provence, the pets have pets.

 His owner drops off her tote behind him
and goes off into the shop hands-free for some
serious retail therapy.  
Pierre is left with his deputy to keep an
eye on the goods.
Check out his face ...
there is no messing with this guy.

 This was my favorite cat of the trip.  I found him 
at a salvage yard just outside of Uzés.  
There he is all curled up in an 1809 stone urn.
After seeing this little guy, I am now
mad about orange cats.
 As we left the salvage yard, we heard this
constant pounding and scraping.
Next door was a pen of goats ... one Billy
and 3 Nannies.  Billy was showing off for the
"girls" by ramming his head into the only
tree in the pen.  And of course, the 
"girls" gave him all the attention he desired.
So my question is ....
have we not seen this same scenario 
played out in human life?

It seemed that most shops had their retail mascots.
This souvenir store in Arles had two French poodles...
how appropriate.

If you don't have a dog to shop with
in Provence, how about a
Priscilla Mae French Tote?

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