A Lovely Place To Stay In Provence

 So you are looking for a wonderful place to stay in the
heart of Provence?  Let me suggest Maison Leopold just
outside Uzés and about 40 minutes from Avignon.
 Maison Leopold is run by a neat couple ...
Natasa and Michiel  He is a freelance writer and she is an
incredible home decor artist who has done much of
the interior changes herself.  Natasa taught herself to
plaster walls, lay tile and build furniture.
If you love interesting homes with a bit of
flair, this is the B and B for you.

 Natasa invited me into their apartment.  Interesting touches
everywhere.  She is the Queen of the Fairy Lights which just
added the right sparkle to the atmosphere.  Wonderful
little lights showed up in the most remarkable corners, 
usually highlighting a neat architectural detail.
 Art is everywhere in the house.  Great portraits
of interesting people in unique spots.
 Natasa plastered these beautiful grey walls and
created a little alcove to show off 
her interesting art pieces.
 Another little alcove with a petite painting.
 The four bedrooms are all different.  This is the Ballets-Russe
 room where Natasa created the scalloped effect on the wall 
as well as the plaster wall structures.  I love how she places 
the pillows on the bed. 
 Another view of the room with lighting
warming up the wall.
 And more art on the walls.....
 This is the Japanese room with the bed Natasha
created and built.  Again, the pillows.
 This is a sweet little bedroom, the Amsterdam  ...
 Our room was the Proust bedroom which is the largest guest
room and overlooks the courtyard.
I would lie in bed and look at the paintings and feel
like I was in an art gallery.
Nice sitting areas in the outside courtyard.  After a long
day exploring Provence, it was a great place to
relax with a glass of rosé and check your emails.

 book your rooms here for your next trip to Provence.
Be Home Inspired.

(photos by Meg Mitchell; 3 in grey frame-
maison leopold) 
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