Paris Apartments For Sale

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing the web for
fun apartments to rent in Paris.  But, in my last search, I
came across two of the little studio apartments I 
have stayed in and BOTH are now for sale.

This studio apartment is called La Bohéme.  It was originally
an artist's studio and thus, has tons of light.  The studio is 300 sq ft
and the sleeping loft is 30 sq ft.  I was a little nervous about
climbing the ladder to hop into bed but it was actually easy
and quite fun. The view from my bed made it worth it.
From there, I could see the top of the Eiffel Tower and
the Arc de Triomphe lit up at night.  Gorgeous.

The thing I love about Paris apartments is the wonderful use
of space and storage.  By putting the dining table under the loft
and a wall of closets behind the table, it made a very small
space feel larger.  The sofa is a pull out bed.
As you walked in the front door, the kitchen was right there.
The kitchen was beautifully equipped and all I had to
do was shop at the nearby marchés for fresh 
ingredients for my dinner. 
The small bathroom was to the right and
had just a shower.
The top window is this apartment.  It is located in the
7th arrondissement,  just two blocks from the 
market street rue Cler.  It is fun living among
the French.  Staying in an apartment personalizes
your trip so much more and gives you a chance
to practice your French.

The apartment is selling for 399,000 euros.
Oh, how I wish I could have this little gem.
And then I look down the page, and I see the first little
apartment I stayed in is also for sale.
This little gem is called The Kir.  It is so
petite but when you are staying on your
own, who cares?  I did have a friend visit for
a week and it worked out okay.  You just
have to really like your friend.
The Kir is on the 6th floor and is a block from the
Eiffel Tower.  You can see the twinkling lights if
you lean out the window and look to the right.
Love the location of this apartment. The American
Library is next door which is a must for me
when I spend longer times in Paris. The library
has lots of great books, films, magazines as
well as interesting evening programs.
The kitchen and bathroom are wee, wee, wee
but well supplied.  The apartments of Paris
Perfect are beautifully appointed and comfortable.
I always believe that renting an apartment when
traveling makes the trip so much better.
From this vantage, you can see the Champs de Mars which
is the park in front of the Eiffel Tower.  

Want a small place to call your own in Paris?
The Kir is selling for $292,000 euros.
Contact Paris Perfect if one of these
cute apartments is calling your name. 

(photos by Paris Perfect)

This is the Isabella pillow.
The quote on the back is an old Paris song ...
"The last time I saw Paris,
her heart was warm and gay,
I heard the laughter in her heart
in every street café."  (O. Hammerstein)
She is for sale in my Etsy shop.

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