Retail Therapy In Provence

 I was looking through my photos of our trip to Provence last
fall and came across some photos of the pretty stores in Uzés, 
which is a walled city not far from Avignon.  I don't think there 
is any  place finer than a Saturday market day in Uzés 
but the retail stores are pretty special as well.

The plane trees, the late afternoon sunlight and the deep
Provence red of the storefronts takes your breath away.
 And who doesn't love a Brocante?  The linens
and dresses in this store were exquisite.
 This was the most unique of the stores I visited ...
L'atelier des Ours.  I loved the antiques and
accessories sitting outside this shop inviting
us in to have a peek.
The soft grey knitted sweater with the white
crocheted scarf called my name.
"Come in Meg ... there's more like me inside."
I am a good listener, so in I went.
 The clothes and displays were fabulous but.....
the star of this store was the soft white sand floor.
Really .... soft white sand.
I went up to the second floor so I could
get this shot in case anyone wouldn't
believe me but the owners yelled,
"No photos, no photos."
It's an Uzés secret I guess.
Visit their website here.

 And of course, with gardening season just around
the corner, there were a number of lovely poteries.
 It doesn't matter whether you are in Paris or Provence
or most anywhere in France, the store designs and
displays are spectacular.  Just peeking in a stores's entry
and seeing the lovely French antiques intermixed with
the merchandise is so appealing.
And then when you get inside the store and see
the lovely century old building spaces, you
understand why Retail Therapy in France is always
one the top 5 reasons you visit this wonderful country.

(all photos - Meg Mitchell)

Bonjour  Solange.
This little shaped French woman pillow was
 a feature
for Etsy's Christmas page.

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