Famous Gal Pals

Movies and television love featuring best gal pals in
their story lines ... and as viewers, these are the
favorite of many women when they are choosing their
chick flicks and TV shows.

Who doesn't remember the adventures of
Thelma and Louise?

Or the highly publicized close friendship of
Oprah and Gayle?

Or the three gal pals of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Phyllis, Mary and Rhoda
Who was your favorite?
I liked Rhoda with her quirkiness and
self-deprecating humor.  
Mary drove me crazy.

Love, love love 
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
I think it's time they do the Oscars.

Although they have said that Lucy and Ethel weren't
the best of friends in real life, who could forget the
two working together in the candy factory?
Good friends stick together during good times
and "what did you get me into" times.

The newest girlfriend show on HBO is "Girls."
Great writing and wonderful to see a young woman writing,
producing and starring in her own creation.
Good on you Lena Dunham.

And who could forget the women of Sex and The City?

Or even Laverne and Shirley?  

And one of my favorite shows was
Absolutely Fabulous.
Edina and Patsy spent most of their time
drinking champagne and then undoing
all the mishaps from their
tipsy habit.

Emma is another of the women of
The Girlfriend Series of Priscilla Mae Pillows.
This pillow was given to a number of wedding
party bridesmaids.
It was the quote I think....
"Men come and men go ....
But girlfriends are forever." 

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