PARIS - Through A Designer's Eye

 There I was strolling through Anthropologie taking photos 
for my blog and up popped a PARIS book 
with the most attractive and appealing cover.  
Impulse Buy?  You bet!
 PARIS ... An Inspiring Tour of the City's Creative Heart
was written and photographed by Janelle McCulloch.  The author
lives in Australia and is a design writer and former magazine
editor.  Janelle has written numerous books, several on Paris.

Janelle says this book was written for lovers of art, design and style
with Paris as the common denominator.  
She says Paris is ...
"a modern mecca for the world's aesthetes and creative innovators 
where they can discover new ideas and search for new style."

That is Paris exactly!

 What caught my eye, and thus my heart, was the book's style.
The photographs are wonderful and the layout of the book
is what makes this, yet another book on Paris, so appealing.
I have two shelves of Paris books.
This is my new favorite.
 You see Janelle's love of style and fashion throughout "Paris."
I especially liked the grosgrain ribbon edge on each page 
to delineate the different sections of the book.  
Beautiful .......
 Janelle invites her readers to stroll with her through her Paris by 
visiting 12 of the 20 arrondissements or neighborhoods.

 Each arrondissement is introduced with a great photo of the
area and a colorful Paris door that welcomes you to stay awhile.
She adds the must-sees of design in each neighborhood.

 I have been to Paris many times and usually rent a fun
petite studio apartment in the 7th.  I love the stores, the marchés 
and being able to drop into the The American Library to read
a newspaper or two.  And a must-do is to have dinner
at Café Constant on rue St. Dominique.
 Towards the end of the book, Janelle highlights wonderful
shops, galleries, bookstores, textile and fashion centers,
tea salons, bistros and specialty gourmet finds.
 What an irresistible trip through the
most beautiful city in the world.  I am
aware of most of the places that are described
in the book but looking through Janelle's camera
lens gave me a fresh perspective on Paris.

This is the kind of book to cozy up with on a dreary
Sunday afternoon with a café creme and 
a macaron or two.  
Stop by Janelle McCulloch's blog
(All photos by Janelle McCulloch)

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