The kitchen construction team left late last night, so today was spent putting everything in boxes into the new cabinets and wiping plaster dust off the new countertops.  This is what the kitchen looked like when I moved into the house 
on February 26th.  

Tomorrow will be the unveiling ..... still much to do like the backsplash and the new sliding doors and what art to put into the space.  But it finally feels like my kitchen.  

Today, there were no construction guys around so it was quiet and I had my house to myself for the first time in a month.  
It was heavenly.  
I put on Motown music and danced to Martha and the Vandellas as I put all my kitchen treasures away in their own little nook.  I even took a moment out to run up to the Korean grocery store to buy some beautiful pink tulips to make it feel like Spring, even though we were having our last ( I hope)  snow storm outside.  

Hope it's sunny tomorrow so the pictures will be good.

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