When I get discouraged about how long and how messy this renovation to my new home is taking, I step up to my back door and look out to my neighbor to the left and for just a little moment, I feel like I'm back in Paris.  I love having this gorgeous old church next door because it gives me a lift like all this change that I've been going through is going to be okay.  And now, on weekends, if I open my door just a crack, I can hear the most beautiful music coming from this grand lady.
This is reality at the present time.  Notice how dusty and dirty my dark floors are in the kitchen.  Footprints follow you everywhere you go in the house at the moment but there is good news in the kitchen area as well.  The old kitchen is to be torn out on Sunday and the new kitchen will be put back the first three days of next week.  
Yippee!!!   Can't wait to show you!
Here's one of the construction men measuring the wall for the new larger sliding doors and fixed window going into the space within the next couple of weeks.  The back wall will virtually be all window and I will be able to gaze on the 
beautiful church overlooking my back yard.
Not all the space in my home is totally messy.  My bedroom, where my cat Jo and I hide out, is relatively clean ... thank goodness.  A friend sent me these flowers to keep up my spirits during all these changes in my life and they certainly bring a splash of color and 
Spring into my dusty environment.

Next week ... 
you will be seeing some big changes at last.  
Oh, I hope I'm happy with them!
Have a wonderful weekend.  

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