Today was a beautiful day in Toronto.  I couldn't stand one more hour sitting in the house after such a terrible winter, so I popped on my sunglasses, grabbed my camera and headed off to the high end shopping area in the 
Bloor Street/Avenue Road area of my new city.  
And there she was.  Naomi Campbell in all her glory and 
not a telephone in sight.  I was safe.

Loved the billboard on the brick wall of the Dolce & Gabbana store ... reds, animal prints and Naomi Campbell.  This campaign is the Animaller Printsets for their Spring/Summer 2011 eyeglasses category.  Color is here in a big way for this upcoming season and so are animal prints.  What a great way to bring a little attention to those lovely peepers of yours.  And my eye doctor says that if you want to prevent the onset of cataracts, be sure to wear your sunglasses even on cloudy days.  The ultra violet rays can damage your eyes.  
Do you need any other reason now to find a great pair of sunglasses?  
Doctor's orders.
I do love the red glasses.  But if red is not your color, Dolce & Gabbana are featuring a palette of slate blue, purple orchid, yellow ochre, sapphire as well as the poppy red.  Certainly one of those colors will tickle your spring time fancy.

Color is everywhere on the runway as well as in all the home decor magazines.  A purple orchid dress might be too much color for you all at once but a pop of orchid sunglasses 
might be just the ticket.
Here's the advertising campaign fashion shoot featuring Ms Campbell.  Wouldn't it be fun to be gussied up for fifteen minutes and be in a fashion shoot at least once in your life?  Have your hair done, lovely makeup applied and then top it off with some of the most beautiful clothes and accessories that most of us could only dream of?  Throw a little shadow of a fern to add texture to the picture and voila ... 
you're a diva.  
Oh, I forgot ... 
a little airbrushing would be called for in my case.
Here is your Dolce & Gabbana poppy red glasses 
with a touch of leopard.  
You like???
Or an aviator style in animal print?  
Which would you choose?
And then possibly a Priscilla Mae eyeglass case that holds the larger sunglasses with Edith hand painted on the front with her cigarette and a little decolletage peeking through?  
The quote that goes with this eyeglass case written on the back says ...
"A well-behaved woman rarely makes history."

A perfect saying for Naomi Campbell ... 
she obviously wants to be remembered.

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