I have no pictures to show you  all that is happening in my new home since I moved in last Saturday.  I am living in one room as all the renovations are being done on the house. 
It's very, very messy.  
My kitchen dishes and food are still in boxes awaiting the new cabinets that are to be delivered next weekend.  Appliances are in the middle of the floor and act as my temporary table.  Plaster dust is my spice of choice.  The furniture is all 
covered and my only room to find a place to sit 
and relax is my bedroom.  
But, it beats packing by a mile.

My studio and guest bedroom have had the wall knocked down between them to open up the space and to allow my great electrician to remove the knob and tube wiring which is very old and rewire the older part of the house.  There is no drywall in the old section ... just plaster and lathe.  If you have never been around a home where plaster and lathe are being removed, you can't imagine the mess.

But there is a good ending and a bad ending to removing a wall for more space. The new open space is wonderful.  That was good.  The not so good news is that we found raccoons living in the attic which has no access from the house.  
Rocky, as we now call this humongous raccoon, had taken the lid off the vent in the roof and is using the vent as his own private entrance to my home.  There is now an 8 inch diameter opening to the stars and rain and snow and whatever else would like to get in.  I am waiting for the wildlife removal specialist to come and evict Rocky and we hope no family, to a happier home far away from mine.  The roofers will then come next week to repair any damage that my "housemates" have  done.  
Did I mention that it is pouring rain outside today? 

And the beat goes on ......

There is good news.  Cobs Bread, across the street from me, is like a piece of heaven if you love homemade breads.  On the weekend, they make their famous apricot bread and I was there at 8:00 o'clock to get my warm bread and before it was sold out.  The cinnamon buns were yummy as well.  Will, my electrician and I have been noshing on bread all day.  Pretty soon, I might have to volunteer to plug up my roof vent with my stomach.  
I'm going to be adding on a few pounds on in this house. 

Have any of you met Mother Nature's critters
in your renovations?  
It does seem that when you repair one thing in an old home, you are sure to find something else that needs to be done. 

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