The bones of my new kitchen are complete.  The cabinets and appliances are in their place ready for what food magic I will be able to conjure up within their midst.  There is still plenty to do in terms of decorating but the worst part is now completed.  To see the kitchen before the renovation, please look back at the post right before this one.

The appliances are stainless steel sparkling away in their little positions.  Never having had stainless steel anything ... I'm not sure how to keep those elements sparkly.  Any suggestions will be much appreciated.  The counter tops are black as is the new sink.  The black sink was an impulse buy but now when I look at this month's decor magazines, I see black sinks within black counter tops.  Was I a visionary I ask?  
Nah ... just thought it would be fun to try.
Another view of the kitchen.  Floors still have to be done.  I was a shop vac maniac yesterday trying to get the plaster dust up from between the boards.  It seems to be permanently embedded.  I know I should probably get the floors refinished but the thought of more mess to live in is just too too much for me right now.  Scrubbing is the next method of attack.
Do you remember I told you I wanted to use my old pine table instead of building a manufactured island?  I figured from an idea and cost perspective, it was worth a try.  I added the industrial wheels to the legs and a piece of pine as a shelf under the table for my vegetables and wine bottles.  I hope the board is strong enough to carry the weight of my wine stash.

On the side of the table, I added a stainless steel towel bar for my monogrammed linen hand towels.  They are packed away right now in some box but I have no idea where.
Over my sink, I have a skylight that I kept open so that I can look up when I'm doing dishes and see my neighbor, the old church, and what looks like might be a lovely tree.  This little vignette makes me feel like I'm in Paris.
My pantry.  I wanted a decent size pantry for storage of food and entertainment dishes.  I love it's size and for the 
first time ... I have lots of storage space in my kitchen.
Now, this is the area that is still waiting for the black sliding glass doors.  Do you see the line running down the wall on the left side?  That's the outline for the additional glass door.  The new doors should be installed sometime next week or that's my plan.  Things never seem to come when they are promised, so I'm not holding my breath.  

The kitchen will stay white but the back splash and big wall under the skylight are the place where I will have some artistic fun with color.  Stay tuned.  I have some ideas I want to run by all of you next week.

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