The post lady (I have one on my new street) came today and brought me a wonderful little surprise from my "nearly sister" in Vancouver.  It was a housewarming gift for my studio/office and I was totally thrilled to have another 
Eiffel momento for my creative space.  

It's an old tin clip to hold letters, important papers or as I will use it ... old Parisian postcards that I have collected from the Postcard and Stamp Market in Paris.  It is a beautifully pressed antique tin clip with a replica of the grand lady.  I absolutely love it.  Notice the little flags at the 
corners of the tower ... love all the detail.
This beautiful little clip is about 3 inches long and has a hole on the back so that I can hang it up on my inspiration board.
I can't wait to put it to use.

The men are here today putting in my new windows for my studio.  They arrived at the same time as the post lady.  Guess that's the sign that it's time to put my studio back together.  The wall has been removed between the two rooms to make it larger, the raccoon has moved on to other homes and the floor has been painted white.  The room is almost ready for a preliminary reveal.  Stay tuned.

Thank you again dear Marisa for your thoughtfulness and a wonderful beginning to the week.

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