On Saturday, I needed a break from this dusty new home going through a major renovation, so I put on my walking shoes and headed down to Bloor Street in Toronto to see what the major retailers were predicting for the Spring fashion scene.  Of course, the store I headed to first for fun creative windows is Holt Renfrew.  I've featured the Holt's windows several times in my blog posts.  They are always great fun and this month, it wasn't any different.
The theme of the windows was  ... 
"This Spring, you can't live without......?"
This question was asked of prominent Canadian personalities and it was interesting to see what different individual's responses were.
Catherine O'Hara, from Home Alone fame, can't
 live without her eye cream.  
Jeanne Beker, from Fashion Television, 
can't live without her microphone.
Musician, Sarah McLachlan, can't live without trees.  
I'm right there with Sarah on this one.
Jessalyn Gilsig, from Glee, can't live without art and Amy Verner, columnist from the Globe and Mail, 
can't live without lemons.

Some celebrities couldn't live without "red soled" shoes, or nude colored heels, or books or dry martinis with olives or 
lying in bed on weekends reading the paper.

I can't live without (presently) a clean house without a trace of plaster dust, a working kitchen, a washing machine and dryer and a place to sit.  I can't live without my friends who have been so great during all this past upheaval, the wonderful construction guys who are working their hearts out to create a nice home for me and a cold bottle of pinot grigio.  I also appreciate all of you for your encouraging comments on my posts about my move and this new adventure.

What can't you live without?

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