Spring is here and all the home decor and fashion magazines are showing us what is On Trend for Spring 2011.  One of the benefits of living back in the city is my proximity to Anthropologie which is only 5 blocks away from my home.  When I need inspiration for my new home or my art, I grab my camera and hike down to Yorkville for a little eye candy.  Anthropologie has been a favorite  "idea" place to visit for many years and now it is in Canada.

On trend this season are the feet attached to most anything with legs.  This soup tureen is a good example and I've also noticed chairs and tables and couches sporting feet in the home decor magazines.   The tureen is something I don't mind ... it would be fun as a vase for flowers but not sure how I feel about feet on my furniture.....  I know it's an old trend that has come back but it's a bit creepy to me.
Love the color of the wall and I'm always a sucker for old mirrors grouped like this display.  The grouping of mirrors and pictures are everywhere in the home decor 
magazines and blogs.
If it's Spring, there has got to be flowers and this year, flowers are everywhere.  I love the colorful flowers on the dishes.  When I entertain, I love to mix up different patterns of china and using flowers is a favorite motif.  These plates were certainly affordable and a great way to update a table with just a few pieces.  This is one trend that I would find 
fun and easy to do.
Flowers are everywhere on the runway and a cotton dress with flowers might be fun after the winter season of blacks, greys and browns.  Could I wear a dress with flowers?  Big splashy flowers perhaps but this pattern may be a
 little too sweet for me.  
How about you?  Flowers in your future wardrobe?
Ethnic patterns and colors are always dominant at Anthropologie.  I love the way they use textures, patterns and beautiful colors everywhere in their store.  
I rather like that coffee table.
The bed ... I love the bed.  I would probably use my white linens but sometimes I wish I could pile on all the patterns and colors like they have done here.  It might be my age but I wouldn't find this bed and all it's colors and patterns terribly relaxing to hop into each night.  My eyes would be swimming around in my head.
And finally .... don't you love that old mirror and the big yellow paper flower?  I wanted to stand there and try to figure out how the flower was put together but I didn't want to be seen as lurking.  Anthropologie has always been great about letting me take pictures of their displays and 
I didn't want to outwear my welcome.

So, what are you going to do this year with your home and some of the new trends?  
Do you try to add something new each season even if it's something small like a pillow or dishes?  
Will you try some of the new vibrant colors in some part of your home?  
What's your favorite home decor trend this Spring?

Photos by Meg Mitchell.

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