My Painted Flea Market Women

Last Sunday, I visited the Flea and Antique Market at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto and had a lovely time as I described in my blog posts last week.  
I did buy two small 
art works from a lovely French Canadian gentleman. 
They were hand painted by a Quebec artist 

I love collecting paintings and three dimensional art with women as the subject and I decided that in my new home, I would display some of this art on a long wall in my front room.  
These two little paintings had old not so attractive brown frames that I didn't like, so last week I painted a whole group of frames white.  I wanted the art to pop ... not the frame.

I love this little painting the best of the two.  
I love women with red hats and red shoes.
This lady has a wild expression but I do love the colors in the painting and her wild red/orange hair. 
 I got both pictures for $25.00.  I was thrilled.
This is just a small part of the wall where I will be hanging my gallery of women in art.  Some of the paintings are originals, some are signed lithos and some are just funky women I find in all kinds of places.   The frames, if appropriate, will be repainted and as I find fun art, I will hang the new women on my wall.  I will show you from time to time how this wall is progressing.  It will be an ongoing project.

Collections are fun and it gives me a reason to go madly hunting in flea markets, yard sales and antique markets for the "right" item.  I will even be hanging some of my own painted ladies in this gallery of femmes ...  

Although my new home is smaller than my last house, it has larger expanses of wall space that allow me to try these fun new projects.  These collections make this house feel more like MY HOME.

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