My 23 year old son is home with me this week.  Seems that he has the mumps and must be quarantined until Friday.  Jeb had his mumps shot when he was young but apparently, the health groups now say that kids should have had 
two shots but doctors didn't realize it at the time.  

A large group of young kids are getting mumps, although 
Jeb's bout has been milder than if he had had no shots at all.  Even I had to get a booster since I was the primary care giver.

So, with my renewed role of being a full time Mom and nurse, I haven't had the time to take lots of pictures for my blog this week.  Nevertheless,  I do have some more great pictures of more art walls that might be of interest to you.  
It's such a great way to personalize your home 
with a wall of your favorite art, 
photos or whatever is your fancy.
Elle Decor

Architectural Digest

I will be showing you my Paris art wall in my bedroom this week.  I've finished painting the frames I wanted white and now I'm finding a few more smaller pictures I collected from my trips to my favorite City of Lights.

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