Beautiful Women - ADVANCED STYLE

I have a number of favorite blogs that I read for inspiration.  One of the most creative blogs I read is called Advanced Style.

  This blog was created by Ari Seth Cohen.  Ari roams the streets of New York City looking for stylish and creative older folks.  He offers proof that the wise and silver-haired set 
have a personal style that advances with age.

The above picture is Alice Carey who is a writer from NYC.  You can't go wrong with great white shirt at any age and the bangles are a great accessory.
When Ari asked this lady about her own fashion style,
 she said ....
"I'm old enough to be comfortable with my own style 
and not subject to the whims of the designers."  
This gorgeous woman is 99 years young and looks 
smashing in her studded Hermes belt.
These two fun and stylish ladies are Jean and Valerie.  Wouldn't you love to have these great women as friends?  Lunching with these ladies would really be fun.  
Ari calls these two women 
"The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas."
Lynn Dell is 78 years young and she is truly 
"The Countess of Glamour."
This beautiful woman is absolutely delicious in her gorgeous suit and hat topped off with her luscious red lips.  
The color of lipstick sets off her ensemble.
My favorite .... could be Amelia Earhart.  Love her jacket and her overall style.  I like that she looks so interesting 
and someone you might like to know.

This blog and all it's wonderfully stylish "advanced women" are excellent examples of what we can become.  Age has no limit on our ability to look smashing.  It starts with our own self esteem and not losing the courage to 
keep on living and trying new things. 

 These beautiful ladies are my inspiration and 
thank you Ari Seth Cohen 
for introducing us to them all.

Spend the weekend reading Ari's blog.  He gives you real reasons to celebrate your next birthday.

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