The Toronto International Film Festival is just around the corner and Canada's high end fashion store, Holt Renfrew, is dressing itself up ready to receive all the stars and film lovers that will be coming to Toronto from September 8-18.

The Holt Renfrew windows are infamous but I think they have created a most wonderful story and fashion show with this homage to Film Noir.  There is even music of the Film Noir era that plays as you enjoy the drama within the windows and all the gorgeous fashions for Fall 2011.
Film Noir was a stylish Hollywood crime film style with a wide range of plots and a central figure who was usually a private eye or a plainclothes policeman.  In all the little vignettes throughout the store windows, 
you see a glamorous starlet and 
a detective keeping a close watch over her. 
Classic era Film Noir cinema ran from the early 1940's to the late 1950's.  The Fall fashions this year are reminiscent 
of the clothing of that time period.

This is my favorite window simply because of the starlet's fashions.  Love the hat.  Every major designer is represented in these Holt Renfrew vignettes.
This woman detective is using a glass to listen to the conversation on the other side of the wall.  
She's wearing another great felt hat.
A detective is around every corner and is obviously impressed with the accessories that were the winners in all the windows.  The hats and purses were wonderfully 
warm colors like deep orange and ochre.
Here's another woman detective who is incognito with 
her false nose and glasses 
but her fashions are right out front.
Gorgeous dress, don't you think?  The clothing of the 1940's is a favorite for most of us.  The period furniture was a great backdrop for the beautiful fashions.
Don't you love the purse?  Yummy!
Another great leather accessory.  In my opinion, it's the  accessories this year that will grab our attention.

To get into the mood of the Film Noir Windows of Holt Renfrew, you might want to rent a few of the 
classic era Film Noir movies such as:

The Maltese Falcon
Double Indemnity
Sunset Boulevard
The Big Sleep

Thank you Holt Renfrew.  
You've whetted my appetite 
for TIFF and the Fall fashions.

All photos by Meg Mitchell

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