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About one year ago, a lovely Southern lady visited my Etsy shop and bought a whole group of my French women pillows.  As we got to know each other, a fast friendship developed with our compatible interests centering on home decor and Paris.  Lisa and I exchanged emails talking about how we were decorating our respective homes and I thought it would be great fun to show you some of the wonderful and creative ideas that Lisa has incorporated into her own home.

This is Lisa's dining area with the walls of warm yellow and lots of natural light from her French doors.  The slip covered dining chairs were made by Lisa and are so so French.
The sideboard was found in a vintage store.  Lisa bought the appliques from an Etsy shop and added them to the doors and drawers for eye appeal.  The sideboard was then painted, antiqued and distressed.  What an incredible job she did.  Love the wrought iron plate racks sitting on the top of the sideboard.

The black and white tile floor are peel and stick tiles from Lowes and still looks good after many years.  Lisa is thinking of changing the tiles so we will have to wait 
to see how this new floor idea develops.
This is another slip cover made from linen and then Lisa added a lovely linen rosette on the back of the chair 
for some visual eye candy.  Lovely.
This is Lisa's guest room and the area in her home where she can add some of her favorite girly touches.  Her walls were ivory and she added a wash of taupe over the ivory to warm up the space.  On the walls in little frames, Lisa has added pretty brooches to give a little sparkle to the space.  The brooches were bought at an Etsy store, Yali Paz.   Lots of crystals were added to the chandelier hanging over the bed.

Wouldn't you love to go visit Lisa and 
wake up in this very feminine room?
More hand sewn slip covers, upholstered headboard and curtains all have Lisa's touch.  She is an avid reader of Victoria Magazine and she certainly has captured the 
design essence of this favorite magazine.

Notice my little French women pillows in her shelving unit? 
 I see Fifi, Angelique and the French Hat lady 
which is a shaped pillow.  It's fun for me to see 
some of my own creations in a friend's space.
This handmade tassel was inspired by a project in a Tracey Porter book.  The pretty little Victorian lady is a vintage salt shaker with a tassel and braid added to the bottom.  What a great idea!  Lisa said that she had bought the salt and pepper shakers years ago and was waiting to be inspired 
on how she might use them.  
What a success!

Congratulations Lisa! 
 Your home decor and decorating DIY skills are an 
inspiration and thank you so much 
for sharing them with us.

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