Paint Your Floors This Weekend

Nate Berkus
Over the years, I have painted my floors with large blue and white diamonds or stained the floors and then added a bouquet of roses here and there around the room.  I love painted floors and with a little bit of patience and 
not a lot of money, you can have a truly 
personalized accent in your home.

This is one of my favorite rooms as seen on the Nate Berkus website.  This hand painted rug would be fairly easy ... you are just following the boards.  The room is so bright and happy and the painted ceiling is just the icing on this beautiful cake.
Nate Berkus
I painted diamond shapes in my family room and kitchen 
in my old home.  The shapes were smaller than this pattern and without the outline.  
Kitchens are a great place to try painted floors.
Nate Berkus
Wouldn't a painted rug in a living room be a lot more 
fun than a big old carpet?  And ... less expensive?
The Stir Cafemom
I have a feeling this painted floor with a glimmer would 
make a room look larger.  The color of the aqua floor 
in this white bathroom looks clean and summery. 
Baby Step Cottage
This is a simple way to paint a floor.  
Would be much easier if you could follow the 
wood planks of the floor ... 
but it does highlight the lovely textures of the floor.
liotta studios
Painting this pattern on a floor would drive me insane.  I don't have that much patience but I do like the idea of the 
painted rug under the island.  

Have a lovely weekend.  
It's beautiful here in Toronto and finally some coolness
in the air.  I am actually going out for a walk now 
and head down to the area in our city with 
lots of vintage shops. 

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