Welcome back to the Antiques Market for a few more fun pieces of merchandise.  There were tables and tables of interesting finds.  Could you use these cane stools?  
They would look great in a funky color 
with a lovely seat cushion. 

 The great thing about Collectible Shows is that your creative brain is working overtime thinking how you might use some of the treasures in your home decor or as a fashion accessory.
For example, these fabric remnants that are ethnic in design, might be great used as a pillow cover or a 
tote or a fashion accessory.
This is a Prada purse ... I'm not sure if it's a knockoff but it certainly is colorful and a fun accessory for the summer. 

 There were all kinds of designer fashion mixed in among the tables.  I saw a cute vintage denim jacket with a peplum attached to the waist which is hot style for Fall.  
Unfortunately, the size was small.
This funky find reminds me of Lady Gaga or at least a tamer version of her.  And the picture of the 
fuzzy headed flamingo would be great fun 
in a hot pink powder room.
This lady has rather an interesting marketing style.  
Every week, she features of different color palette 
and this week is was obviously green.  Her table 
stood out amongst all her other associates.  
The color just pulled you in.
And of course, who wouldn't like a Betty Boop?  Well, I probably wouldn't, but she is such a fetching  young lady 
and certainly attracted a crowd of fans.

What fun this day was and I'm tempted 
to go back again next Sunday.

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