This is Anais, a Parisian woman, who was fashioned after the writer Anais Nin.  I've read most of the literature of Ms. Nin and she is the epitome of a true French woman.  

This pillow comes with a stand so that Anais can sit on your desk as you write your first novel.  What an inspiration!  She has a little rhinestone in her necklace and another rhinestone on the band in her hat with a feather.  The colors of the pillow are very French.  The stripes are a soft pink and 
the frame of the pillow is a pretty taupe.

On the back of the pillow is a quote from Anais Nin.  
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."  
C'est vrai.  C'est vrai.  

This Giveaway is for those readers who are registered followers of my blog and leave a comment on this post that tells me why you are a lover of anything French or Parisian.  

The Giveaway Contest will end this 
Wednesdayat midnight EST 
and all names will be put into une chapeau 
and pulled out by a French Canadian friend of mine. 
I want to be fair.

So leave a fun comment on why you are a great Francophile and win Madame Anais. 

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