Are you crazy Meg?  
Winter Coats?

How many times during this recent heat wave have you heard people mention that they prefer winter to this hot humid weather in which we have been sweltering 
for the past couple of weeks?

I have been hibernating in the coolness of my home with all the windows closed and the curtains drawn 
to keep out the hot sun and 
it hits me that this is exactly what I do 
when we are having a blizzard in winter.  

So, to give you a little taste of reality and a small reminder that this too shall pass, I am showing you the coat trends for 
Fall / Winter 2011.  These samples are by 
Theory and Rodarte.   

The coats are projected to be longer this year to keep us warmer I suppose and to keep the dry cleaners in business because the coats will be dragging in the slush.  This is what the economists call "make work" projects.
These long warm cozy coats are designed by Theory, Michael Kors and Cavalli.  The long furry one looks like Yeti ... 
won't be wearing that little number.

So, embrace the heat.  
We will soon be complaining that it's too damn cold.

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