Art In The City Part Two

So, here's the part two of the Art in the City ... it would probably be better if it was Sex in the City but alas, it's not.  My life is exciting but not that exciting.
This booth was run by another Etsy artist and we had a great time talking about Etsy and Project Runway.  You see, Jennifer had a painting of Tim Gunn of Project Runway on display and can be seen in her Etsy shop and I found a kindred spirit who loved watching young people creating art for the runway.  When you are my age, you don't usually tell others that you watch reality shows. 
 I know ... it's so anti-intellectual but so much fun.

Jennifer's art is comprised of vintage material with images depicted with yard, buttons and other fun elements.  Very creative and fun but she also paints.  Neat lady.
This fabulous painting is by the artist Mary Hayes.  Again, it's my obsession with figurative art and I loved her women and the colors she used in her paintings.  
What a crowd she attracted to her booth 
and I completely understood why.
This intriguing paintings are by the artist Brittany Lauren.  They just pulled you into her booth.
Please go visit her webpage and see the 
awesome art she creates.
Ross Bonfanti is fascinated with infants and their larger head and has created a series called "Heavy Heads" which are constructed of cement and various other elements.  I loved these and they made me laugh.  I love art that makes me chuckle and the work of Ross Bonfanti does just that.
Now, because the Toronto Outdoor Art Show took place at the City Hall, there were other activities occurring that weekend.  Weddings .... City Hall?  I saw two wedding parties coming and going during the time I was meandering through the artists' tents.  
Life goes on even when the city is presenting the 
city's biggest art show.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting the websites 
of these wonderful artists.

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