I have been playing with the idea of using a pretty deep yellow in my living room..  My room is all white now with white slip covered chairs and sofa with hits of deep 
red and gold ethnic pillows.  

My question is this .... 
do I paint the walls a pretty yellow or do I keep the creamy white walls and just add great yellow accessories 
like pillows or billowy curtains?
I always have loved white, yellow and a great red.  
And the yellow has to have a orangey tinge 
as opposed to a yellow with green hues.
The color is so welcoming and cozy.
But .... would I get sick of it?  
Hate the yellow chairs with the yellow walls .... 
too too much.  This room is way too busy for me.
Now, I love this.  
I just love so many accent colors with grey and 
these curtains are to die for.

When I was staying in a Paris apartment, the living room had gorgeous satin deep yellow curtains with a liner in a subtle red and yellow plaid.  They puddled on the floor like the ones above.   I am leaning towards this use of yellow in my living room.  The sunlight coming through the material would 
give a lovely glow to the room. 
 But ... paint is less expensive.

What to do ... what to do....
Have any of you ever painted a room a warm yellow?  
Did you love it?

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